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Blustockings Bad Debutantes.

Shot by Mat Ricardo.

Ballgowns and pearls at the ready for the most badly behaved Debs in town.

Featuring Apple Tart, Dott Cotton, Tricity Vogue, Audacity Chutzpah, Mr Mistress, Josephine Shaker, Mat Ricardo and Rhian Kennedy.

Bluestockings – A Right Royal Hag Do! – Divinely regal photo shoot with the lovely Sin Bozkurt!

The second themed photo shoot from the Bluestockings alumni. As well as the talented and charming Tricity Vouge and Audacity Chutzpah (Madame Treasurer and Madame Secretary) we invited a plethora of Bluestockings talent to join us for a royally riotous shoot.

Featuring Apple Tart, Ria Lina, Helen Arney and Honey Wilde.

For more of Sin’s work check out his website or his blog!

Hurly Burly Tea Party  photoshoot – by the beautifully talented and handsome Mat Ricardo.

The first official Bluestockings photoshoot after a dollop of inspiration from the Hurly Burly Show! There was tea and cake and long indepth discussions on literature, art and how to bake a perfect sponge.

Featuring our Madame Chairperson for March, Abi Collins.

Check out Mat’s Blog –

Night of the Bluestockings – By the ever talented David Blair

Pictures from the January show! Chaired by Kiki Kaboom!


Posted March 15, 2011 by Blue Stockings Society

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